Delivering Media & Entertainment to
Existing Audiences of Captive Users


IZON Digital Media Network has created a proprietary entertainment
platform for premium and niche marketplaces that reach highly
targeted, captive "out-of-home" audiences.

With traditional television, print and radio advertising in the greatest
decline in 20 years, digital media such as connected TV and digital
out-of-home networks are thriving. The ability for IZON to leverage
our combined technologies and content across these networks, in
addition to our own, provides access to vast audiences with
incredible growth opportunities.

More than ever, the competition for "eyeballs" is crossing every
sector of communication and media with tens of billions being spent
by some of the biggest media companies in the world to get their
piece of the estimated 11 hours a day the average adult spends
watching digital media. Much of IZON’s efforts are focused on
verticals where a defined user base already exists and can be
engaged utilizing our digital media network and devices.

IZON creates all of its software and app products
in-house, procures all of its own customized hardware,
utilizes its own ad network, curates Tier 1 content to
drive engagement through current and future channels,
leading with golf cart fleets through IZON Golf GPS
tablets. Additionally the company is expanding to luxury
vehicles (Blackcar), websites, apps and connected TV
devices (CTV). This hyper-targeted approach using
national and local video content fed to premium
consumers creates CPM's with very high margins.