To expand on our mission of "connecting premium & niche market consumers with Advertisers in a very targeted manner", IZON continues to focus on adding hundreds of thousands of screens to its proprietary "walled garden" network, not only within the golf vertical but also within luxury transportation with the introduction of IZON Ride. This new vertical is targeting an additional 65,000 screens in luxury "Black Car" markets across the country. IZON has a signed MOU’s with large group that have aggregated 10’s of 1,000’s of Lincoln Towncar & Navigator fleets and UBER Black fleets in major cities across the US.

IZON will be delivering a consumer rich entertainment platform that also delivers Tier 1 video content and Ads which are delivered via IZON’s proprietary media network to captive screens within these vehicles, using a hyper-targeted approach using both National and local video content.

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